Dr. Sagar Mundada is a good listener and communicator. He breaks down the complexities of problems and advises how to tackle one at a time. This way the therapy becomes logical and puts the patient at ease.I would totally recommend him.

- Swara kadam

Dr Sagar mundada sir is the good psychiatry Doctor,that is always doing bright future psychiatric patient and patient is very happy servive life in the world so I salute Dr Sagar mundada

- sun suraj

The best in this field of expertise. Dr. Sagar not only provides his clients with the best treatment but also gives his clients a clear understanding of the causes and or further steps to be taken, thereby keeping the client informed.

- Priyanshi Malik

I had a great experience with Dr. Sagar Mundada. He helped me overcome my issues and I had very smooth sessions with him.

- Shalin Srivastava

Knowledgeable Doctor who explains complex situation in simple ways by giving time and appropriate treatment options

- bhushan shigwan

Dr.Sagar’s expertise in the field of mental health has been extremely helpful.


Had a great experience, extremely patient and kind doctor. Definitely recommend!

- sarvath shetty

It was a good experience consulting him. lovely doctor, extremely helpful.

- Sharanya Ghosh

Very friendly doctor…….explains things in very simple way.you don’t even realise that you are being treated

- Anil Kumar Garg

One of the best doctor really good..

- Sagar Taak

Kind Doctor, extremely professional. Overall great experience.

- Jaineel Shrimankar

Very nice doctor provides good treatment and nice guidance 👍

- Arjun Prasad

One of the best doctor in this area.

- Harsh Dubey

Best doctor in psychiatry segment And good diagnosis

- Chandresh Mishra

Dr. Sagar was extremely helpful and it was a great visit overall!

- Khushi Gupta

Very supportive great experience overall

- Prakash Murme

Great Experience! Nice Doctor.

- Sudipta Kumar

Dr Sagar not only provides treatment for those having concerns in relationship. But he also provides treatment to people having anxiety, depression and other psychiatric illnesses. Very friendly and good listener. I would highly recommend his guidance to those in need. All the best.

- Ravi Sherawat

The doctor is very good he listens well and then try to give you medication accordingly. Though the appointment is pure illogical and if no use. I had a 4 p.m. appointment and I was able to meet doc at 6:30. Also the fees is 2k. If you are going for couple therapy then it's 3k. 1500/- i* **** * **** ** **** ***** **** **** *** ** *******. Even if you've waited 2 hours post your appointment time. Otherwise doctor is totally recommended.

- Patient

*** ********* **** **** **** ********** My 81 year old mother got cucred just after a few visits to him. He has a very clear understanding of the ailments and arrives at their precise cure. Thank you Dr Mundada

- RKhandelwal

He was patient enough to listrn my problems. He is genuinely interested in checking out patients. Thank u

- Patient

I really don't know how to start but still let me be very true here - ** ** *** **** ******* ******* ****** *** *** **** ** **** ****. I was struggling with claustrophobia which never allowed me to take a plane journey and within 3 months of time period he made me capable of flying. His counselling / treatment was very natura* *** ** ******** **** *** ******** ***** ** ****** **** If he said yes I will cure you means YES and don't ever doubt whether your problem **** ** ***** ** **** I was in bad depression due to this problem and he actually made me the happiest person. He himself took a flight along with me to cure me ... what else I can share about him .... I don't think so it's possible for any doctor to go to this level to end your problem. Whatever I say is actually very less about him, after meeting many doctors found he is the last point for me to check and yes my decision was right. Now I can fly fearlessly and can go anywhere in this world. He opened up all my barriers and made me a faithful person.

- Mira

Dr Sagar is a people’s person. He is one of the Docs in Mumbai who will go that extra mile for his patients. He takes the time to talk with the patient and also calm the families who have to deal with this difficult situation. He is readily available ,very knowledgeable abt his subject, very conscientious which gives him brownie points and above all a wonderful doctor. My experience with this physician has been extremely positive .He has been a god sent angel for my family in our time of crisis.

- Geeta Gyamlani

he find exactly what is the problem and given proper medicine for understanding.

- Patient

his experience and understanding leads to the core of the issue in just one sessions and he comes up with exact therapy to deal with all issues being faced by the persons . He enabled me to come out of depression in one session .

- Patient

Very patient and understanding. He listened carefully and without pressurising me. I felt like he wanted to help and was genuinely concerned. He helped me uncover the problem and talk about it. If I didn't know how to answer a question, he would ask something more specific* **** **** *******

- Patient